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Main Characters

Morgon, Prince and Land-Ruler of Hed. He is riddle-master; reluctant Star-Bearer; inheritor of a harp with three stars and a sword with three stars, made by the wizard Yrth for him a thousand years before he was born.

Eliard. Morgon's younger brother and land-heir of Hed.

Tristan. Morgon's young sister who sets out to find Morgon when he goes missing.

Mathom, King and Land-Ruler of An. He rules the Three Portions of An; descended from the witch Madir and shape-changer Ilon; has prophetic visions.

Duac. son of Mathom and land-heir of An.

Rood. son of Mathom; Morgon's best friend and fellow Caithnard student.

Raederle. The daughter of Mathom; promised since birth to the man who won the riddle-game with the wraith of Peven of Aum.

Heureu, King and Land-Ruler of Ymris. He is married unknowingly to a shape-changer who took the place of his bride.

Eriel. Heureu's wife, a shape-changer who killed and took the place of his actual bride.

Astrin. brother of Heureu and land-heir of Ymris; an albino; he rescued Morgon after shipwreck; blinded in one eye by Heureu's fake wife.

El, Morgol and Land-Ruler of Herun. Her full name Elrhiarhodan; she has vision to see through things and at long distances; beloved of Deth.

Lyra. Her full name is Lyraluthuin, daughter of El and land-heir of Herun. She is a trained warrior in the Morgol's guard; sets out to find and protect Morgon when he goes missing.

Har the Wolf-King and Land-Ruler of Osterland. He has lived for more than a thousand years; riddle-master; friend of the wizard Suth who helped him learn to take animal shapes.

Danan, King and Land-Ruler of Isig. He has lived for more than a thousand years; can take the shape of trees; friend of Yrth who made the starred harp and sword in Isig.

Deth, The High One's Harpist. He has lived for close to a thousand years; messanger of the High One; excellent harpist; known for his wisdom.

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Secondary Characters

Ghisteslwchlohm. The most powerful wizard; founded Lungold and increased the wizards' power.

Yrth. The second-most powerful wizard, the Harpist of Lungold; made the Star-Bearer's sword and harp before Lungold was founded.

Aloil. A wizard in service to Ymris; wrote poetry to Nun.

Nun. A wizardess in service to Hel; had a speaking pig named Hegdis-Noon.

Iff of the Unpronounceable Name. A wizard in service to Herun.

Suth. A wizard in service to Osterland; learned shape-changing with Har.

Talies. A wizard who sought service in Hed but declared it too uninteresting to serve.

Ohm. A Riddle-Master who helped Morgon search for an answer to the riddle of the stars on his face.

Tel. An ancient Riddle-Master of Caithnard.

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Settings and Places

There are six 'kingdoms' in the Realm. Each one has its own ruler and particular magic. Click here to learn more about the settings and places of the Realm of the High One.

'Across the threshold a great, wind-blown plain swept westward as far as he could see. Not far from the house, dark, shapeless stoneworks rose, blurred in the fading light. To the south lay, like a boundary line between lands, the dark line of a vast forest. The wind, running in from the sea, spoke a hollow, restless language. It smelled of salt and night, and for a moment, listening to it, some memory reeled into his mind of darkness, water, cold, wild wind, and he gripped the door posts to keep from falling.'

~The Riddle-Master of Hed