The High One's Realm

Kingdoms of the Realm

Erlenstar Mountain. In the far northwest, the home of the High One lies on the edge of the Northern Wastes.

Isig Mountain. The realm of Danan of Isig lies in the mountain range just east of Erlenstar Mountain. Kyrth is Isig's trade city on the Ose River.

Osterland. Bordered by the Northern Wastes, the Winter and Ose Rivers to the south, Isig Mountain to the west, and the sea to the east. Kraal is a port city at the mouth of the Winter River. Har rules from Yrye near Grim Mountain.

Herun. The upper middle kingdom. The Morgol of Herun rules from the City of Circles. Hlurle is the port city.

Ymris. The lower middle kingdom, made up of the realms of Marcher, Umber, Ruhn, Meremont (where the Wind Plains lie), and Tor. The Kings of Ymris govern the High Lords of each realm from Caerweddin, the port city.

Lungold. The city of wizards, from which the wizards disappeared 700 years earlier. Lies to the west of Ymris, and far south of Erlenstar Mountain, from which it is separated by vast stretches of uninhabited heavy forestland.

Hed. Furthest east of the High One's kingdoms. Lies offshore between Ymris and Hel, and across the bay from Caithnard and the beginning of the old Trader's Road to Lungold. Tol is the port city, near Akren, the hall of the Princes of Hed.

Caithnard. A trade city at the beginning of the Trader's Road, between Ymris and Hel. The College of Riddle-Masters is here.

Hel, Aum, and An. The three portions of An, previously separate kingdoms in the southernmost reaches. Anuin in An is the port city from which the Kings of An rule. Bordered by sea to the west and south, and forest to the north and east.

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