main characters

Deth, The High One's Harpist

Morgon had never meet Deth before, a man who would influence him greatly throughout the rest of the books. 'A man he had never seen before, neither trader nor sailor, stood beside him. He was quietly dressed; the fine cloth and color of his blue-black tunic, the heavy chain of linked, stamped squares of silver on his breast were bewildering. His face was lean, fine-bone, neither young nor old; his hair-was a loose cap of silver.'

When Raederle meets him in the second book, Deth has been through some changes. 'His hair was ragged; his face looked worn, lined, oddly open. His voice, musical and edged with irony, had not changed.'

When Morgon finds Deth in the third book, he has changed again. 'The harpist’s hands stilled. His face was so worn and haggard there was little familiar in it but the fine cast of his bones and the expression in his eyes. He had no horse or pack, no possessions that Morgon could see besides a dark harp, adorned by nothing but its lean, elegant lines. His broken hands rested a moment on the strings, then slid down to tilt the harp to the ground beside him.

Deth is apart of the riddle that Morgon has to figure out. 'I want nothing else. Except a harp strung with wind, perhaps, for a man with no hands to play it.'