Morgon of Hed

In the first book, Patricia McKillip describes him as having hair and eyes the color of light beer, '[he] bore the stamp of their grandmother, whom the old men remembered as a slender, proud woman from south Hed: Lathe Wold's daughter. She had had a trick of looking at people the way Morgon wasgazing at Eliard, remotely, like a fox glancing up from a pile of chicken feathers.' Additionally, He has a pattern of stars high above one brow. The author leaves the exact pattern and placement of this odd birthmark to the reader's imagination.

Despite the fact that Hed is an independent land, Morgon does not see himself as very princely. When Deth tells him that he won the hand of the Princess of An along with the crown from a riddle game, he says, 'But I can't... She can't marry a farmer. Mathom will never consent.' Later, Morgon asks Deth about his past, and Deth says, 'Curious?' The harpist smiled. 'You have an inordinate curiosity for a Prince of Hed.'

Morgon is the reluctant hero. He wants to stay home, read books, and farm. But instead, he has a destiny to fulfill. He spends the first book fighting that destiny.