Raederle, Princess of An

In the first book, Morgon remembers Raederle after Deth tells him that she could be his bride. 'Morgon swallowed. He found himself on his feet, looking down at the harpist, and he knelt down, seeing suddenly, instead of the harpist, a pale, high-boned face full of unexpected expressions, shaking itself free of a long, fine mass of red hair.' Raederle is described by other characters as the second most beautiful woman in An. When Tristan, Morgon's little sister, meets her, she asks about the name and says 'I've never seen anyone more beautiful than you. When Morgon first told us about you, I was frightened. I didn't think you could live in Hed, in our house. But now... I don't know. I wish--I wish things had turned out differently.'