The Irish Crossover Concert

Megalodon Productions presents:

A benefit for Little Notes International Children's Foundation

About the Irish Crossover Concerts  

Little Notes International Children's Foundation and Megalodon Productions are proud to present two great bands, playing together in two great cities, Dublin and San Diego. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to helping children in need receive music therapy. So enjoy two great bands, enter to win a chance to travel to either Ireland or San Diego, and raise a pint knowing that you are helping a child.

 About Little Notes International Children's Foundation

According to All Children's Hospital, "Music is often a part of everyday life, and research shows that music affects mental, physical and emotional states. These qualities make it a valuable and effective tool in helping children and families recover health and well-being. The benefits of music therapy include, but are not limited to:

Music Therapy can be requested for any child in the medical, surgical, oncology, and intensive care inpatient units."

Little Notes International agrees. The foundation was created to assist children in need. You can help by going to the tickets page and donating. Or by attending the two Irish Crossover Concerts. Music can heal.

About The Fooks  

Goes well with Guiness The Fooks are a local Dublin band, with a power-Celt-rock feel. The group is versitle and can play anything from accoustic traditional numbers to hard hitting punk and alternative. The onstage banter and friendly manners of the band members makes them popular with the crowds and the pubs they play in. Come see The Fooks' triumphant return to San Diego. More information about The Fooks can be found on their facebook page.

 About Heavy Glow

Heavy Glow was formed in 2008. The power trio won the 2010 San Diego Music Awards' Best Rock Album for "The Filth & the Fury." Heavy Glow has five albums and has toured the United States. In 2013, CBS used one of the group's songs in the Stephen King series "Under the Dome." They are looking forward to gathering new fans in Ireland. More information about Heavy Glow can be found at